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100G Falkland hand dyed fibre combed top - "Neon Pathos"

100G Falkland hand dyed fibre combed top - "Neon Pathos"

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"Neon Pathos"

Add a unique touch to your projects with "Neon Pathos", a 100G Falkland hand dyed fibre combed top. This highly specialised fibre features gentle greens, and using a neon yellow to subtlety blending this fibre.  Enjoy the superior quality of Falkland fibre as you craft something truly stunning and cheery 

Falkland has nice body, a bit of luster, and pleasant but not obsessive crimp.

Fibre Details:

27 - 30 micron
80 - 100mm fibre length
Price is for 100 G of hand dyed Falkland Combed top.

Care of your Product:

This Combed top is Plaited for ease of handling and is dyed with a gentle heat being handled as little as possible

Colours, Tones and Shades

I do try to get a good representation of the actual colours in my photos, however as with any digital device some colours may vary slightly.

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