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100G Alpaca/SIlk/Cashmere hand dyed Lace Weight Yarn- "Helibore" - **SALE

100G Alpaca/SIlk/Cashmere hand dyed Lace Weight Yarn- "Helibore" - **SALE

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Indulge in the gentle caress of alpaca silk as you glide your fingers across the strands of Hellibore. The alpaca contributes a remarkable softness, enveloping your creations in a cloud-like embrace. Its inherent warmth and insulating properties ensure that your finished pieces will be cozy and comforting, perfect for cool evenings or chilly winter days.

The silk component adds a touch of opulence and lustrous elegance to this already divine blend.  As if that weren't enough, the subtle inclusion of cashmere completes the trifecta of decadence. Renowned for its unmatched softness and unparalleled warmth, cashmere elevates Hellebore to a realm of pure indulgence. 

Hellebore Laceweight Yarn is ideal for delicate lacework projects, shawls or lightweight garments that demand both beauty and warmth. The delicate nature of the yarn allows you to create intricate designs, where every stitch is a testament to your craftsmanship.

With a generous meterage per skein, in a range of subtle pinks and the odd blends of pale creams,  Hellibore ensures that you have ample material to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you're an experienced fibre artist or a passionate novice, this yarn will inspire you to embark on breath taking projects that showcase the extraordinary beauty of alpaca silk and cashmere.

Experience the pure bliss of Hellibore Laceweight Yarn, where luxurious fibres meet delicate artistry, and the result is a masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.




  • 70% baby Alpaca
  • 20% Silk
  • 10% Cashmere
  • 2/16nm (800m per 100g)

Care of your Product:

This Yarn will be is hand dyed by myself using acid dyes and has been dyed with a gentle heat being handled as little as possible

Colours, Tones and Shades

I do try to get a good representation of the actual colours in my photos, however as with any digital device some colours may vary slightly.

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