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100G Rambouillet/Rose hand dyed custom blend fibre - combed top "Sage"

100G Rambouillet/Rose hand dyed custom blend fibre - combed top "Sage"

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This 100g plait is a blend of the finest french merino wool with Falkland combed top. The richness of colours with quality wool is sure a crowd and beautifully soft and bouncy.

Rambouillet is a very old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. It is also know as French Merino. The wool averages 20-23 Microns, with a good crimp. It also has a good length around 100mm. This wool is brilliant for felting and spinning.

It is now blended with Rose plant fibre which has similar properties to that of silk.  The colours are a perfect delicate marriage of raspberry and honey.

Price is for 100 G.

Care of your Product:

This Combed top is Plaited for ease of handling and is dyed with a gentle heat being handled as little as possible

Colours, Tones and Shades

I do try to get a good representation of the actual colours in my photos, however as with any digital device some colours may vary slightly.

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