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100G BFL Seacell Blend - "Key Lime Pie"

100G BFL Seacell Blend - "Key Lime Pie"

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“Key Lime Pie” BFL/Seacell special blend 100G

This 100g plait of "Key Lime Pie" combed top is a blend of  popular British Bluefaced Leicester wool blended with Seacell, perfect for hand-spinning. Seacell is unique because it combines natural cellulose fibers, such as lyocell, with the addition of seaweed (algae) to create a special blend with purported health and eco-friendly benefits.

Its green hues give fibre artisans the opportunity to create vibrant and unique pieces. With its natural softness and luxurious texture, it will add a beautiful texture to any project.

Materials: 100g of Blended Fibre

70% BlueFaced Leicester
30% Seacell

This fibre has good bulk and is soft and has silky components from the Seacell resistant to the protein based dye.   It is perfect for spinning and also for some interesting effects to any felting project.


Care of your Product:

This Combed top is Plaited for ease of handling and is dyed with a gentle heat being handled as little as possible

Colours, Tones and Shades

I do try to get a good representation of the actual colours in my photos, however as with any digital device some colours may vary slightly.

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